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I practice what we call classic homeopathy, taught by Hahnemann who is the doctor who laid the foundations of it. This practice is also called unicist homeopathy since one remedy at a time is prescribed. This art consists in listing the various significant symptoms of the patient in order to find a single remedy for all of his ailments. Homeopathy is a holistic medicine that can intervene in the case of chronic physical pain, infections, chronic diseases, behavioral disorders, viral diseases, and much more. His practice is a team effort since the client's confidence and attentive listening to the therapist are the keys to finding the remedy that best relates to the symptoms experienced. Homeopathic consultations do not usually require any physical manipulation. It is therefore possible for me to offer sessions on the internet via Messenger or WhatsApp.

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1463 Chestnut St

Telkwa, BC

V0J 2X0

Business hours

Mon-Fri : 10 a.m. - 4 p.m.

Sat: closed

Sun: Closed

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Chronic cases + medical history (file opening) $130.00

Chronic cases$ 95.00

Emergencies and traumas $50.00

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